Dear Mika Friends and Family,

Friday, December 21, 2018

It is with great sadness that we as the Mika board need to announce we are bringing the organization of Mika to a close. Over the past few days we have tried to communicate personally to as many of you as possible. We apologize if we missed you.

Why is this happening?

Over the past 14 months Mika has been actively searching for a new Executive Director. We interviewed many candidates and ultimately identified a great candidate for the role. Unfortunately we were not able to bring him onboard in a timely manner due to immigration restrictions. During this period of time our financial health and volunteer base has steadily degraded.  As a result, Mika’s ongoing sustainability has become fundamentally at question and has recently reached a point of no longer being viable.

Why now?

We understand this may feel very sudden for many. Unfortunately due to the nature of a non-profit and the current state of Mika’s financial position, once the board made this decision everything else (informing staff, donors, neighbors, volunteers) had to come very quickly.

How and when is this happening?

The office will be closed as of Friday December 21 and will not re-open.

Where possible we are helping staff on finding new opportunities.

We are seeking to have the ministries of Mika adopted and absorbed by other members of the Costa Mesa church community.

How can you help?

This has not been an easy decision and the implications for staff and neighbors are very real and immediate. At the same time there is much to do to bring it all to a close. We need to be able to take care of staff and settle up liabilities incurred over the course of this past year. The need is $30,000. Please consider giving to help us finish well. All donations will continue to be tax deductible. You can click the GIVE button below.

Thank you

The ending of such an impactful ministry as Mika comes with grief and sadness and in many cases questions of “what if.” Yet, we are not people without hope. Over the course of 15 years of ministry:

Thousands of lives have been impacted with the Gospel.

Hundreds of leaders have been raised up that will continue to impact families, businesses, churches and their communities for decades to come

A vast web of relationships has been breathed into life which will continue to positively impact the life of Costa Mesa for many years to come

There will always be more need and we firmly believe the values that Mika championed will find new expressions in Costa Mesa and beyond. Ultimately the full accounting will only be known in the age to come and it is that to which we ultimately look. Thank you for your part in helping create this tapestry full of action, justice, mercy, relationships, humility, and love for God and neighbor.

With gratitude,

The Mika Board

(For questions or comments please direct them to and we will do our best to respond in the coming days).