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Executive Director Announcement

Joshua Fieldson

November 2, 2015

Dear Friends,

Over the last several months, Mika's board of directors has been conducting a search process to hire a permanent Executive Director. This process has included praying, planning, and consideration about what God has in store for this next season. We vetted several candidates, and one rose to the top.

I am thrilled to announce the hire of Keturah Kennedy as Mika's new Executive Director. After Christine Nolf transitioned from this role, Keturah has served as Interim Director over the past four months and has done a fantastic job leading our team.

The board of directors has full confidence because of Keturah's strong faith, experiential knowledge of Costa Mesa, passion for community development, relationships with our neighborhood leaders and their families, and leadership skills to propel Mika into this exciting new season.

In making our decision, I consulted with our neighborhood leaders, staff, and Christine, and they each confirmed that Keturah is the right choice for Mika for this season.

You'll hear from Keturah soon, and she'll lay out the vision for what's ahead. Your prayers, encouragement, and support are greatly appreciated for Keturah, our community, and for the future of identifying and equipping leaders in low-income Costa Mesa communities.



Jeff Tanner

Chairman, Mika Board of Directors