Moments of Discovery

Have you ever experienced a light bulb moment with a child? Maybe as a parent, you need a few more hands to count the number of these moments. As a teacher, the same is probably true. As a pastor, you have experienced a moment like this. For our community at Mika, one of the places we witness light bulb moments is in our after school program, El Paseo. For us, these moments represent discovery. They are moments of hope and excitement that kindle a love for learning in a child. They are moments that powerfully shout, “I CAN DO THIS.” Jossiel is a student we have had the privilege of walking with the past three years. Last year he especially excelled in our intervention program. Academically, he made huge strides, increasing his words per minute by 58 and his number writing from 19 to 98 out of 100. On Wednesdays for the past three years, he has engaged in our Bible lessons and art projects. He is a loving big brother and great friend. In many ways, Jossiel is a story of success.

El Camino Azul exists, as part of our greater after school program El Paseo, to help students in the neighborhood that are severely behind grade level. Students that if not up to par by 3rd grade, statistics say will never catch up. Our hope and purpose in El Camino Azul, is to connect with students in Kindergarten and not only help them catch up academically by 3rd grade, but equip them to be well-rounded leaders in our community. Mika‘s education team is dedicated to connecting you to use the gifts God has given you to help students succeed against the odds . Jossiel is just one of 50 students in El Paseo at The Hope Center and Maple Learning Center.


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