Mika Leadership Institute Graduation

One of the most tangible ways we are seeing growth and development in our community is through the amount of graduates of the Mika Leadership Institute.   Graduates who are dependent on Christ and making an impact in their community.

Members of El Paseo (after school program), the Youth Action Team, and the Mika Leadership Institute were celebrated on Tuesday, June 23rd, as they have all been committed, faithful, and show tremendous growth in their respective programs.

What once started as an event strictly focusing on the Mika Leadership Institute, is now an event that celebrates and recognizes leaders of multiple generations. As the amount of graduates increases, so will the impact they are having in their communities; therefore contributing to the betterment of our neighborhoods, community, and city.

As our staff, leaders and neighbors strive to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God, we hope to see our communities develop into places of peace and love, and areas where the love of Christ is undoubtedly present.