Share Your Tradition

We are excited for Mika’s first Share Your Tradition! Our desire is for you to build a mutual relationship with one of Mika’s neighborhood families as you both share one of your favorite holiday traditions. Below are more details that will hopefully answer all your questions!

Who are the families/individuals participating?

All of those participating in Share Your Tradition are involved in at least one of Mika’s core activities and many are long time neighborhood leaders. They are excited to meet you and share their favorite holiday tradition with you as well!

What exactly will I be sharing?

Identify a holiday tradition that has brought your family together in a special way. This may be new or something that your family has been doing for years. It could be christmas caroling, cooking a special meal, or a harbor boat cruise to see the Christmas lights. Your traditions bring joy to your family and our desire is to see this become a context for relationships to begin and grow.

Where will this take place?

Ideally, you will connect with your partnering family two times, each time sharing the other’s tradition. Depending on your activity, these two meetings could take place in each others homes or in the setting in which the holiday tradition takes place. We encourage you and your partnering family to meet twice in order for the traditions to be shared and to build your relationship.

When will this happen?

We are asking that these two connections happen between now and January 2017. We realize the holidays are often filled with a lot of activity and want you to have ample opportunity to schedule.

What if language is a barrier?

Most of Mika’s neighborhood families are native Spanish speakers with varying levels of English proficiency. We will do our best to connect families with at least one individual who can serve as a translator. Our team will help make the initial connection and support you as best we can to ensure language is not a barrier to move forward.

What if I can’t get a hold of my Share Your Tradition partner?

If you are unable to reach your Share Your Tradition partner, please contact our staff so we can help. (Office: 949-645-0075)

Can we purchase gifts for our partner family/individual?

The purpose of Share Your Tradition is to create space for mutual relationship. As friends, if you choose to exchange gifts you are more than welcome to do so. This activity is separate from the gift card donations we are accepting as part of our broader Christmas strategy. Those gift cards will be disbursed through our neighborhood leaders as a way to connect with and bless their neighbors. If you plan on purchasing a gift card in addition to participating in Share Your Tradition, please deliver those to Mika’s office separately.

Can we connect with our partner family after Share Your Tradition is over?

Yes! We encourage you to connect with your partner family after you have shared each other's tradition. Our hope is that many lasting relationships are created during this holiday season. Someone from our team will be following up with you over the next several months to see how your experience went. We can’t wait to hear all the stories!

For more information email or to sign up click HERE!

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