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Growing Community and Relationships...Garden Style

Lucas Davis

We realize that 7th-9th grade can be a very difficult and "interesting" time of life for students. We also realize that this time in their lives may also play a huge role in who they turn out to be through high school, college, and even adulthood. Did you know that 25-50% of students will become overweight or even obese when they are adults? That is why we are offering a fun, and useful activity for our middle-schoolers and early high schoolers: A COMMUNITY GARDEN!

This summer we are allowing our students to take ownership of this project, with the help of several of our staff members guiding them along. Students will be able to participate in hands on learning, while gaining knowledge of nutrition and how to care for their bodies, while caring for plants! This is a great way to build community and develop healthy relationships with one another.

We also are offering other youth programs, and certain ways to get involved this summer! Here they are: 

Volunteer: 2 hours a week for 6 weeks will impact your life as much as our students!


$25 – will cover 1 Student for 1 Week

$150 – will cover 1 Student for all 6 Weeks

$350 – will cover 1 Youth for YouSchool & Camp.

Pray: Email our Executive Director at: and she will send you a student name you can be praying for throughout the summer!

See you there,

Mika CDC Staff