Fruition: Meet Teresa and Loly

Maria has been a neighborhood leader in the Maple community for 12 years and counting.  Her son Joey and Freddy, who we read about a couple weeks ago, were regular participants in the Mapel Learning Center for all of elementary and middle school. 

The after-school program changed Joey’s life, and Maria is forever grateful.  In addition, Maria attends weekly English classes, participates in Mika Leadership Institute, and is a vital part of leading our community.  She works at Hoag hospital with Lupe Cerros.  One day it occurred to Maria that Lupe’s son Kevin might benefit from the after-school program at Mika.  So she invited her in, and two years later, Kevin excitedly runs in to do his homework every day at the Maple Learning Center. 

It takes empowered leaders like Maria to share their vision for community with those around them.  If it wasn’t for her direct invitation, Lupe and Kevin may never know about Mika.  Kevin is learning to read, getting his homework done, and establishing lifelong relationship in his community. 

Will you give a year-end gift that helps us continue the work of building whole relationships?    

Anna KennedyComment