Fruition: Meet Julisa.

The Carranza’s have been involved with Mika since the beginning of our work on Center Street and have made a lasting impact in the their community as well as in the Maple and Shalimar communities. Julisa is the third of four siblings who has grown up in our youth programs--most of their young years, the Centro de Esperanza (Hope Center) was across the courtyard from their apartment.  She has realized the impact Mika had on her life during those important years in many ways.

One impact Mika has made on the Carranza family is with Mary, Julisa’s older sister, who has been working as a Site Coordinator at the Maple Learning Center for two years.  Mary led the way in giving back to her community and it inspired Julisa to do the same.  Starting in September, Julisa also became a Site Coordinator for the learning center at the Mika office!   

In addition, through her involvement at Mika and our partnership with Reality Changers, Julisa now attends Vanguard University, where she is creating a better future for herself, as well as setting an incredibly important example for the kids and youth in our Mika family.   

With over 65 students involved in our kids and youth programs, we hope that you will continue to invest in stories just like Julisa’s. With your help we will be able to continue building whole relationships in the lives of our students, and together, create a better Costa Mesa.

Anna KennedyComment