Fruition: Meet Mr. Phil & Freddy

Ten years ago, when Freddy was in fourth grade and Phil Klunzinger had just started volunteering at the Maple Learning Center, no one could have realized what a gift this relationship was going to be for years to come. Mr. Phil invested in Freddy and the lives of other students at the Maple Learning Center,  and always goes above and beyond the typical “call of duty” as a tutor for the many years he has devoted to Mika. 

After Freddy graduated high school and left the Maple Learning Center, he knew he could call on his old tutor and friend Mr. Phil to help him in a particularly difficult physics class he was taking while pursuing his materials science and engineering degree at UC Irvine. Without thinking twice, Mr. Phil meets with Freddy two days a week and still keeps his commitment to tutoring at the learning center. 

Thinking about Mr. Phil, Freddy said, “Without him, I don’t even think I would be continuing physics, I think I would just stop learning it altogether.” Tutors like Mr. Phil practically meet a need for many of our families: helping with homework that some of our parents are not able to understand. More importantly, they become role models and friends. It may take years to fully realize, but our students are greatly impacted by the lives of our tutors! 

We currently have 65 students actively engaged in our programs—building relationships with more than 30 volunteers who fill a role as tutor, mentor, and friend. Your gift this year will help us continue to invest in whole relationships between students and tutors, just as fruitful as Mr. Phil and Freddy’s relationship. 

Anna KennedyComment