Reality Changers Class of 2017!

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As you well know, college sweatshirt season is upon us! Hundreds of high school students are customizing caps and ordering gowns, anticipating not only their own graduation but the joys and challenges college life will bring.

We know this intimately at Mika and have some incredible kids graduating from our program this year. As a huge part of their success, we want to invite you into the exciting things happening in their lives and extend our gratitude for coming alongside them in supporting Mika Youth.

For the last nine months, eight of our seniors have successfully wrestled their way through the stacks of paperwork, Google searches, and cumbersome prep-work that is the college application process. As participants with our partner program Reality Changers, their efforts mean that all eight are attending a four-year university this fall. We could not be more proud! Two of these graduates, identical twins Ivanery and Irydian, we’ve seen grow since they started at the Maple Learning Center in 6th grade.

“The Twins” bring exuberance and joy wherever they go! Their dynamic, social personalities thrived in our after-school program, Surf Club, and Summer Camp in addition to Mika Youth. They will be first in their family to attend college. Sharing perspective from being raised by a single mom, these women are motivated to do their best moving forward and have high aspirations to better the world. Both will be in STEM fields, choosing to study science at Vanguard University while looking towards the medical field after their undergraduate studies.

Like Ivanery and Irydian, many of our students will be first generation college students whose families often go without the resources or knowledge to navigate this difficult application system. In the past we’ve seen many of our graduates assume four-year school is not an option for them. But IT IS an option and one that is more attainable with this program. Our cohort of students applied to many colleges and universities and were collectively awarded over $250,000 in scholarships and financial aid!

We believe a huge part of their success has come from the support of our Mika community throughout the years. These students have grown up and excelled in our programs, programs that exist to build whole relationships in all areas of life - God, self, and others. We want to continue that legacy and see our graduates year after year proudly wearing college sweatshirts of their own.

Would you consider partnering with us so we can see the classes of 2018, 2019, 2020, and beyond graduating high school, going to college, and pursuing their dreams? Your vital gift of $100, $250, or $1,000 will go a long way in helping build the next generation of community leaders. Click HERE to Give!

Thank you for continuing to support what we do here at Mika. It is a joy and privilege to partner with you.

We’re excited for what’s ahead!

Keturah Kennedy

Executive Director

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