Eric is all smiles!

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Dear Friends,
Today I want to tell you about our friend Eric. First of all, his smile is captivating (just look at him!)

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He’s mellow and cool as a cucumber.  Always engaged, always ready with an answer, and miles-high above his reading level.

Eric is the youngest of a family of Mika leaders. He and his sister Jeni are the youngest of 4 siblings who’ve attended Mika’s Maple Learning Center. His mother Yolanda co-leadsShare Your English on Maple, and actively participates in the needs of the Learning Center. Eric’s dad, Guillermo, watches over the Center to make sure the kids feel safe and protected.
In any other after-school program, Eric would be a good student. But at Mika, we get to see him flourish as we invest in his family and celebrate how whole relationships look in the context of community. Eric is growing up in the model of community development – where whole relationships between God, self, and others make a difference.
Eric’s life has been dramatically impacted by your partnership with Mika. Together, we don’t just run programs, we build leaders and we build communities.
Will you continue to put hope in action and partner with us to keep our after-school programs running this Fall? It takes $30,000 to invest in the whole lives of kids this semester. Your gift of $50, $100, or $500 is vital to continue to invest in whole relationships in Costa Mesa.
Thank you,
Jenna Tourjé
Interim Executive Leader

P.S. Your gift of $49 supports a student in Mika's Fall after-school program.  Will you give today to support these students?


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