Some things never change...

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Dear Friends, 

In these final days of summer, I’m reminded of when I was a kid, glorying in the last few weeks of freedom and fun and awash in anticipation about heading back to school. For families at Mika, this means diving in to lead and join our after-school and leadership programs.

In the next weeks we look forward to sharing stories about our kids, leaders, and dear volunteers...

  • Eric, a precocious 3rd grader at Maple whose family leads their community with dignity and hope

  • Jorge, a delightful junior high student, and his mentor Morgan

  • Lolys, who faithfully brings her neighbors to English class every week and is now teaching our beginners English learners on her own.

These stories are pictures of HOPE IN ACTION. We hope in things that remain unchanged – that God sent his Son to join us, that He is good, and that we are called to co-create with Him. And these stories are possible because of your partnership and support of Mika.

Will you put hope to action with us this Fall to see whole families and whole relationships in Costa Mesa?


Jenna Tourjé

Interim Executive Leader

P.S. Your gift of $49 supports a student in Mika's Fall after-school program.  Will you give today to support these students?

At Mika, we choose to Hope

in things that never change.

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