A Mika Christmas

Christmas has always been a fun time of year at Mika. In 2016, we changed our 10 year tradition of holding our annual Christmas Store and transitioned into new traditions that are more closely aligned with our mission and the needs of our community.

We collected and distributed gift cards to 115 families who were participating in Mika’s core programs. We connected over 20 families through Share Your Tradition and saw new friendships built. And we celebrated together at a Christmas Party! This year we are continuing with our new traditions and we would love for you to be part of it!

Here are the ways you can be involved:


Gift cards can be purchased in $25 increments from any of the following four places:

Gift cards can be:

  • Delivered to Mika's office
  • Sent in the mail
  • Electronically sent through the above store links (can be mailed or emailed to info@mikacdc.org)

Mika's address:

1718 Monrovia Ave

Costa Mesa, CA  92627

For questions email info@mikacdc.org


Our desire is for EVERYONE connected throughout our Mika community to gather and celebrate together!

WHO: You!


WHERE:  The Mika Office          

1718 Monrovia Ave Costa Mesa, 92627