Share Your Table is a meal sharing experience designed to create context for two parties (families, individuals, or small groups) to come together and share a meal with someone they otherwise would not know. Our desire is for you to build a mutual relationship with one of Mika’s neighborhood families as you both host a meal for the other. Below are more details that will hopefully answer all your questions!


Who are the Mika families/individuals participating?

All of those participating in Share Your Table are involved in at least one of Mika’s core activities and many are long time neighborhood leaders. They are excited to meet you and share their table with you!


What will I be sharing?

We believe the table is a sacred and significant space for relationship building. This exchange is designed for at least two meals to be shared where each family/individual hosts the other once. This will most likely take place in each other’s homes, but it does not have to. You could host at your favorite restaurant, BBQ at the park, or picnic at the beach.


When and how will this happen?

We’d like for the two meals to happen within a 2-3 month time frame. We have found that having the English speaking partner make the first contact and initial invite to work best.


What if language is a barrier?

Most of Mika’s neighborhood families are native Spanish speakers with varying levels of English proficiency. We will do our best to connect families with at least one individual who can serve as a translator. We have found that texting can be a good way to communicate if phone conversations are hard due to language or accent. Our team will help make the initial connection if you have trouble communicating to schedule your meal time.


What if I can’t get a hold of my Share Your Table partner?

If you are unable to reach your Share Your Table partner, please contact our staff so we can help. Email or call the office at 949-645-0075.


Can I connect with my Share Your Table partner more than twice?

Yes! We encourage you to connect with your Share Your Table partner after you have shared this time together. Our hope is that many lasting relationships are created out of this experience. Someone from our team will be following up with you over the next several months to see how your experience went. We can’t wait to hear all the stories!


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